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CINA is interested in receiving comments from the Indigenous nursing community about the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Such comments might be in regards to: 
  • Concerns as a healthcare professional working at the community level
  • Concerns voiced by the community people to the health clinic, nurses, etc
  • Ability to get safety materials – masks, gloves, etc
  • Ability to access information about COVID-19
  • Other comments that they believe would help others to understand their situations
We appreciate any comments that you are interested in sharing.
Comments submitted through this form will be emailed to CINA’s CEO and Projects Officer.
Comments submitted may be used to help guide CINA’s response to the situation. Additionally, CINA may create a report that includes a summary of the comments received; all individual comments will be kept confidential, with no association of a commenter’s name, email, or employer with their comment in any kind of reporting.
If a reprort is created, comments may be either:
  1. aggregated—that is, individual comments will be combined together and presented as a group; AND/OR
  2. reproduced verbatim—that is, quoted directly, but without any identifying information of the commenter attached.
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